Linux convert

I’ve almost completely converted Jess over to Linux. She hasn’t been into Windows in 2 days now, and only has a wish to go there to play Mario on Project64. It’s too bad that there is no linux port for Project64, because it is hands down the best N64 emulator out there. It’s equivalent on linux, Mupen64, aside from having a stupid sounding name just doesn’t match up.

Speaking of ports, I wish that someone would bring Media Player Classic over to linux. It is actually open-source. I didn’t know that… but people say that it “relies on windows components to work”, so it would be difficult to port to linux, and would have to be re-worked. Kaffeine comes close, but it’s just not the same.

Call me neurotic (go ahead, I do all the time), but the little things, like being able to click ON the progress nubbin to have it move like 10 seconds ahead, instead of holding it and dragging it randomly about, was something I liked about MPC. Oh well. I’ll get into programming eventually. And since 90% of things on linux are open source, I can tweak them to my heart’s desire as well. 🙂


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