Tweaking Linux

It continues to amaze me how with linux fixing and tweaking things can be at the same time exceedingly simple but also very complex. Take this: Kaffeine, for some unknown reason started just crashing X whenever I tried to play video. Couldn’t for the life of my find out why, or how to fix it. Finally someone on the Ubuntu forums came up with an answer:

edit the configuration file



find the lines


# Videodriver to use (default: auto)
# { auto  dxr3  aadxr3  xv  SyncFB  opengl  xshm  none  xxmc  sdl  fb  xvmc }, default: 0
video.driver:[driver you chose]

change the last line to



In one way, changing 3 or 4 letters in a file to make EVERYTHING work beautifully again is amazingly simple… but how do you know to do that in the first place?? Either way, once I had the answer I was very happy. It works perfectly now.

Why do people like MPlayer? As an embedded video player for Firefox, it works just fine and dandy. I’ve been using KMPlayer, because it’s interface is a lot better than the original, but it still sucks. Kaffeine isn’t as good as Media Player Classic, but it’s pretty close.

I am trying to get TV out working as well… spent half an hour with 680×640… that was painful. Not sure I want to try again. I don’t blame linux however, cause that was a pain in the rear on Windows too!


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