Xfce – scroll steals focus

I am used to the way KDE works, so I can do something like have xchat open overtop of my browser window, and be able to scroll the browser window to keep reading while still keeping xchat on top. Xfce by default, when you scroll will bring the browser to focus, hiding xchat. Here’s how to change that. This was done on Xfce 4.6.1 on openSUSE 11.2 .

Xfce Settings > Window Manager > ‘Focus’ tab > ‘Raise on Focus’ should be unchecked. ‘Raise on click’ should be checked.

Xfce Settings > Window Manager Tweaks > ‘Accessibility’ tab > ‘Raise windows when any mouse button is pressed’ should be unchecked.



One thought on “Xfce – scroll steals focus

  1. TheArcher says:

    Than you very much! Is the most complete solution I founded and I give you the thanks for that!!

    I missed this function!!! 🙂

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