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New ATI Driver

The new “oh-my-god-I-shit-myself” ATI driver 8.42 should be out soon. Very soon, so they say. Like, tomorrow maybe.

I upgraded Kubuntu to 7.10.. very rocky upgrade, still a few packages broken, but it’s okay. The new linux kernel allowed me to finally install the linux driver for my wireless card, and it’s finally working properly! Very much happiness.

Now if the new ATI driver comes out… if their promises come through Compiz should work wonderfully, my screen won’t be stuck at 1024×768 (last ATI driver broke with Gutsy) and I should finally be able to play WoW on this laptop. Lots of expectations to live up to, AMD…

Oh, and I applied for a job over at Sprint Computer today. Not sure if they actually do tech support/computer building, or if they just do sales. We’ll see! I want a car…